Partner Brands

Eleganzo, established in 2006, has been paving the way to developing solutions for manufacturers across the globe. Our Mission is simple; to provide our clients with an avenue to create a revenue through export and wholesale of overproduced inventory. Since its' conception, we have worked with some of the largest eyewear companies and successfully exported to over 75 countries.

Here is a list of some of the companies we have worked with:

  1. Charmant
  2. Allison
  3. Luxottica
  4. Marchon
  5. Safilo

Licensed Brands : Capri

Eleganzo is the proud reseller of Capri in the United States and Canada!

About Capri:
We currently offer 14 distinct and unique collections that boast quality construction and vary from trendy to traditional designs. With hundreds of brand inspired collaborations and a wide range of quality materials, customers will be able to choose a look and quality at an affordable price.

From premium ZYL and injection-molded plastic to our own Flexure titanium-memory metal, Capri Optics manufactures and delivers the right frame for the right frame of mind.

Capri provides world-class service at unbeatable pricing, award-winning quality, and diverse product lines, with the capability to supply your frame program regardless of size, design or material.